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We promote agile culture and digital transformation in large companies to achieve better results and, consequently, gain a competitive advantage.

And if it is people who transform the world - and organizations - we start with them. In 2015, we created Agile School to empower professionals from different fields. With the ambition to positively impact the market even more, we realized that we needed to go beyond training. That's when Agile Inc was born!

We leverage our vast experience in the technology market to help companies accelerate their transformation through the concepts of Product, Processes, Management, Design, and Engineering.

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A bit more about our ecosystem

The pioneering work of Agile School made us the main partner of Scrum.org in Brazil. As a result, we started promoting one of the largest agile events in the country - the Scrum Day Brazil.

We have also partnered with major technology institutions around the world, such as Microsoft, Atlassian and Google, to attract the best talent and professionalize the market. Thus, Agile inc was born to inspire agility in organizations - and we know there is still much more to come!

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Scrum Day Brazil brings together top experts in Business Agility

In an increasingly complex and technology-driven world, yearning for more innovative solutions, the time has come to go further and break with paradigms. On July 15th, in São Paulo, at the Rebouças Convention Center, the seventh edition of Scrum Day Brazil will take place - one of the world's largest events on Business Agility. Agile Inc is one of the main sponsors and organizers of the event.

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