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Agile Consulting

Rely on Brazil´s largest team of expert consultants in Agility.

Working alongside your organization´s leadership, we adopt a pragmatic approach with an unwavering focus on accelerating your deliveries. We will formulate a plan and execute it in alignment with agile practices. Moreover, we will conduct regular reviews to ensure that our actions yield the anticipated outcomes. Should this not be the case, we will adjust the plan to better cater to your needs, following a continuous improvement approach.

Areas in which we operate

Product Discovery
Product Management
Project Management and Agile PMO
Agile Portfolio Management
Implementation of Agile Tools (Atlassian)
Event Facilitation
Workflow Design

How do we operate?

In Agile Consulting, we always strive for a perspective through the lens of the 4 Ps to better guide our approach with clients.

Our team of consultants is managed using the 110% model developed by Agile Inc.

How to hire our consultants?


Have one or more dedicated consultants working within your organization.

As a Service

Have a pool of expert consultants who will support you in your day-to-day challenges.

On Demand

Hire specific services for specific demands.

Enhance your development teams with skilled professionals

Rely on a technology-driven and agility-fueled company!

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