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Agile Transformation

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Agility is not the end, it is the means to get you to a certain point. The distinguishing feature of Agile.inc is our work with the HR of companies to overcome challenges, strengthen the Agile Culture and the development, attract and retain people.

We use our own working model, created over several years and tested in various sectors. Until reaching the complete transformation, we go through two phases:

Evaluation (which includes raising awareness, diagnosing, co-creating and creating the backlog); Implementation (which includes training, modeling, applying, and scaling).

In the agile transformation process, we work on the acculturation of agility. We identify within the corporate environment who are the first adopters, the innovators, as well as the resisters. This mapping and identification of your internal team is essential so that we can act according to the peculiarities of each one and, therefore, be successful throughout the agile transformation. Having a business that inspires agility is always connecting people, being in tune with everyone and on the same page. After that, we work taking into account organizational maturity, in partnership with pre-determined strategic leaders or identified along the way. In this way, we foster the feeling of belonging, transforming business and changing culture.

Utilizamos um modelo próprio de trabalho, criado ao longo de vários anos e testado em vários setores.

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