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Digital Transformation

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There are three waves of digital transformation, according to Gartner. The 1st wave takes three to five years, in which the creation of the Agile Culture takes place and the beginning of the journey. The 2nd, from two to four years and, with it, comes the phase of stabilization and consolidation of the digital strategy. In the 3rd wave, in turn, there is disruption and entry into new markets – which takes one to three years to occur. Do you know which of these phases your business is in?

If your answer is “no”, you can take two actions. The first is to worry about the direction of the company. The second, and good, is that you can rest assured, because we, at Agile Inc, know how to identify the moment in which the corporation is, deal with and align the best strategies so that the digital transformation occurs with the best delivery.

Our management model is 110%: it has a greater value proposition and accountability.

Our digital transformation team is made up of:

Head of Operations (Professional Scrum Trainer - PST)*

Delivery Manager

One (or more) Agile Coach(es)

Transformation Agents

Trust us on this journey!

*Our official trainers from Scrum.Org and ProKanban provide technical support to guarantee the quality of deliveries.

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