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Application Service & Modernization

We design and implement customized solutions to unleash the full potential of your business.

Application Service & Modernization

We offer Application Service & Modernization, with technology experts ready to help modernize and optimize existing software applications. Our services include maintenance, support, upgrade, and application modernization, utilizing best software development practices and agile methodologies. We work closely with clients to meet their specific needs and drive the digital transformation of their businesses. Contact us to get customized solutions for your IT projects.

Additionally, we provide Application Modernization services, which encompass updating legacy applications, migrating to the cloud, modernizing user interface (UI/UX), integrating third-party services, and adopting emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance the functionality and performance of existing applications.

Here are some fronts we work on.

Web Development and Mobile Applications
Data & Analytics
E-commerce / Digital Commerce
down sizing
Quality & Testing

Main Technologies

React Native
Microsoft .Net
Node JS

How we operate?

Our team of consultants is managed by the 110% model developed by Agile Inc.

How to hire our consultants?


Have one or more dedicated experts working within your organization.

Agile Squads

Count on a complete team that will work exclusively for your delivery.

Squad as a Service

Bring greater flow to your deliveries with our Shared Squads.

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