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Training and Mentoring

Empowerment for better results

We believe that knowledge transforms, and quality education creates opportunities.

That's why we provide content with official trainers from Scrum.org and Microsoft, with online access to supplementary materials, dynamics, and real-life cases.

Our trainings are unique and personalized for each company. We begin the process with an immersion, through which we generate a diagnosis of the scenarios, needs, and challenges.

After completing this mapping, we define the Training Paths that can have in-person modules and online transmission, so that we can offer your business an effective solution, designed for what you really need.

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The SAFE (Scaled Agile Framework) training is a widely used framework for adopting agile practices in large organizations. It provides a comprehensive set of principles, practices, and guidelines to help companies scale agile software development at an enterprise level.

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Scrum.Org Trainings

Scrum.org provides high-quality Scrum trainings with official materials and certified Trainers (PSTs), ensuring a maximized learning experience for the participants.

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Agile School Trainings

With an NPS (Net Promoter Score) higher than 9.4, through an agile culture and constant investment in our teams and services, we offer companies certified training courses.

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Agile Academy

Provide high-quality content for all your employees! With the Agile.inc Corporate University, you have online access to hundreds of modular courses and satellite content in different formats.

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Close monitoring!

Thinking of providing an even more comprehensive service for your business, we offer mentorship, providing detailed support beyond the trainings. In this case, the focus is on the individual, a group of people, a team...

We closely collaborate with your professionals to ensure they achieve the best development they can!

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Rely on a technology-driven and agility-fueled company!

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