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A partnership driven by agility

At Agile Inc, we are an Atlassian Solution Partner, a company named as a leader in corporate agility by Gartner, and globally recognized for our innovations and creation of agile tools.

As official Atlassian partners, we provide comprehensive and robust solutions such as Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Bitbucket, and Confluence, enhanced by a proprietary approach developed after seven years of experience.

Our scope is comprehensive, aiming to make companies more agile, extending beyond the technology realm and instilling agility throughout the entire organization.

We foster the technology market with the culture of agility, DevOps, training, and Scrum certification to yield better outcomes, thereby enabling our clients to secure a greater competitive advantage.

Rely on our Agile experts and experience true Agile transformation!

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Agility and Digital Transformation: How Each Atlassian
Solution Can Add More Value to Your Business

Jira Software is the number 1 software for agile development teams. Teams use it to plan, organize, prioritize, collaborate, release, and monitor the performance of all application development processes.

Jira Service Management is an ITSM tool built on the Jira platform, tailored for ITIL. It´s a comprehensive solution that enables faster implementations, integrating development and operations teams to respond with agility.

Opsgenie tool manages incident alerts in a faster, more efficient, and intelligent manner. This allows the team to streamline the resolution processes between IT operations and development teams.

Bitbucket was designed to simplify software development hosting and collaboration. Through it, you have an ideal environment to create, manage, and conveniently share source code with unlimited repositories.

Confluence is the ideal tool for teams to document important information and collaborate. The platform enables creating centralized and dynamic sources of information with intelligent and user-friendly templates.

The Statuspage solution enables teams to communicate real-time development status, keeps internal users informed about downtime, and manages ticket flow during incidents.

What do we do?

Proprietary Agile Health Check framework to accelerate agility.

Agility has evolved from a competitive advantage to an essential necessity for survival. Here at Agile Inc, we´ve developed a unique and robust framework that helps materialize and provide visibility to the human aspects of transformation, particularly when it comes to scaling agility.

Ruby Framework

No matter where you are on your journey,
Agile Inc can assist in the agile transformation.

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Por que escolher a Agile inc para implantar as soluções Atlassian?

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Consultancy With efficient professionals, extensive experience, and certification in Atlassian solutions, we provide consultancy and support for the use of the brand´s tools.

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Support We follow up post-implementation to ensure the full functionality of the tools and that your team leverages all the benefits of the DevOps approach.

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Training We provide training so that your team can fully utilize the potential of Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence through certified training sessions.

Achieve your Agile transformation with Agile Inc.

We are an Atlassian Solution Partner, with nearly a decade of experience in agile culture and digital transformation. We offer exclusive solutions for accelerating and enhancing agility for companies of various sizes and industries, connecting unique services and incredible solutions both within and beyond the Atlassian portfolio.

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